Lighting & Sound

In our world that's hung up on small file sizes and overly loud music, sound quality has never been more important.  We take great pride in the quality of our equipment, from our mp3s to our mixers, and our speakers to your ears.  Our goal is to provide a robust, full sound for all ages of your guests, at a safe listening level. 

Wedding DJ dance party with Ignight
wedding dancing

Professional Sound

At each event, our client's receive:

  • Full Sound Package: 2 event-size speakers, hand-held wireless microphone, and mixer. Our DJs will provide their own DJ controller and can work with other vendors to ensure the best possible sound at your event or wedding. 

  • Additional options include: Subwoofer for complete sound, lapel microphones, and amplification/microphones for live musicians. 


Lighting up the Party

Appearance is also a huge factor in setting the mood, quality, and memorability of your event.  All of our lighting effects have automatic sound-response capabilities, which means that they will change to the beat of the music being played! At each event, our client's receive:

  • Ignight Light Package: Sound activated dance floor lighting and lasers.

  • Additional options include: Decor lighting, 100+ colors of uplighting, disco balls, UV lights, and more. 

laser lighting wedding
Photo by SKrow/iStock / Getty Images

Digital Projector

As well as providing the music and keeping your flow of events in time, Ignight Entertainment is equipped to set up and run an HD projector & screen at your event.  Our portable screen is great for picture slide shows, videos, or messages to your guests.  We also provide custom slideshow editing and compilation services, you just send us the pictures and we'll take care of the rest!